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     Rock climbing is a thrill for many men and women who enjoy the challenge of such an intense outdoor and indoor sport activity. There are several different forms of the rock climbing sport and rock climbing equipment you would use will target each variation.

     Traditional rock climbing involves two people, yourself and your partner as well as the use of rope. One climber ascends a piece of rock, placing protection such as nuts and hexes into the rock's weaknesses such as cracks or rock spurs. The rope that this climber is carrying is attached to him or her via a sit harness that is worn. The other end of the rope is attached to a climbing partner and while one climbs up, the other partner feeds out the rope as is needed through a belay device.

     Sport climbing uses the same rope technique as traditional climbing but there is a bit of a difference in the sports equipment that is used. In this case, the protection has already been placed in the form of bolts. Quick draws as they are referred to are a short sling with a carabiner on each end. Sport climbing tends to stay to shorter climbs not much longer than two pitches or rope lengths. In this types of climbing there is less danger, so there is more leeway to work on technique.

     Bouldering is a method of climbing where your feet seldom reach more than a few feet of the ground. There is no rope involved or any other protection. Bouldering often refers to boulder challenges and there isn't a high risk injury because you are just a few feet off the ground.

     Solo climbing is the freest form of climbing. It is similar to bouldering but still quite different. A solo climber is committed to reach the summit as opposed to focusing on his or her particular moves. This is really dangerous because a solo climber doesn't use rope, protection or any other gear.

     Mountaineering involves the thrill to reach a mountain top. Mountaineering is a form of climbing that uses a combination of skills. You may find yourself in hot and humid conditions but very quickly find yourself in steep, cold terrain. Rock climbing skills and ice skills need to be put to use full force in these areas.

     Ice climbing involves using ice tools, to climb vertical ice, such as frozen waterfalls. Ice axes, crampons are two of the main tools that ice climbers use. This can be a risky sport simply because ice undergoes daily and sometimes hourly mutations and changes.

     Indoor climbing is an excellent way to learn how to initially rock climb or enjoy the sport fully without ever having to climb on steep, dangerous rock. It is safe as well as supervised and controlled. Indoor climbing walls are quite popular today and often walls are moved to the outdoors. Men and woman can climb year round indoors when the outdoor weather such as rain forces rescheduling.