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     There are many accessories that can be used in the sport of rock climbing. Here we will touch on a few of them but equipment accessories can go far beyond our mentions. Sunglasses are important to have not only for the purpose of protecting your eyes against bright light, but there are sunglasses designed especially for rock climbing. They have a great outer rim to protect the eyes against small debris or rock that can easily irritate the eyes.

     Chalk is also a main accessory. During any climb, moist hands can prove to be a large problem. Chalk will keep your hands dry and enable you to have a secure grip. Shoes are available that specialize in rock climbing. Proper shoes are a must because you need to have secure placements of your feet on the rocks and/or holds. Compasses are often carried on a rock climbing trip as well as a proper back pack or haul bag to hold your extras that you will need throughout your day.

     Hydration packs are a must. If you carry a hydration pack drink, then you can drink as you need to and you don't have to wait to find a source of water. This avoids dehydration and will allow you to continue your climb comfortably. Knives and multi tools are great to have in the event you may need it. You never know what may happen or what tribulations you may come across.

     Some climbers like to use a GPS device which helps a climber find the correct GPS coordinates he or she is seeking. A GPS which stands for Global Positioning System is an excellent navigational aid.

     Other accessories include gloves, training boards, boulderpads, holds, Cams lubricant, belay devices, gear slings, mats, tape rolls and head lamps.