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Harnesses & Holds - Ability to Secure and Scale or Descend

     Harnesses and holds are an important pieces of rock climbing equipment. Harnesses secure your body during your climb. Harnesses should match your individual body shape and personal climbing style.

     Some allow the climbers to adjust the leg loop size and harness rise in one convenient location, some have specialized lining around the waist and leg loops that keeps moisture away from the skin and some have foam padding which is designed for comfort and support.

     Women are built differently than men and often need a longer rise than men for a secure and comfortable fit of the harness. Most harness systems allow you to adjust the waist and leg sizes but rise is overlooked. Generally 20% to 30% of your weight should rest on the belt and 70% to 80% should rest on the legs. Proper rise adjustment keeps you from turning upside down after a fall and protects from injury of a waist belt wrapped around the middle of the torso. Rise heights can often be adjusted.

     Holds in rock climbing are basically anything that can be held onto and used for foot placements.
In an indoor climbing wall, the holds are those things you see scattered about the wall. They are designed to give you something to pull yourself up or ease your way down using both your hands and feet. In outdoor climbing, holds are the crevices in the rock that you can use for supporting your hands and feet.