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New Equipment

     New rock climbing equipment can be costly when all equipment is purchased, but safety and quality are of absolute importance. Rock climbing can be a dangerous sport so purchasing quality gear you can depend on can be a life saving choice. Though new equipment will range widely in price, the most expensive is not really necessary if you are on a budget. When you purchase your rock climbing gear, ask questions and make sure you are clear in the answers you receive. Generally, the sales representative will be informed of the equipment their shop sells. For those of you who are experienced climbers, you will know what you needs are.

     Ascenders and pulleys can be found for as little as $12 but they can get pricey and increase to about $110. Descenders and belay devices can be bought for as low as at $20 but will increase to roughly $110. Harnesses can be purchased for as little as $25 but ones made of quality can go as high as $260. For indoor walls holds can be relatively inexpensive depending on quality. A small amount of holds, for example a quantity of 10 can begin at $19 but multi packs of 60 or so can increase to about $200. Helmets will start at around $40 but will increase in price to as high as $90 or more. Helmets are definitely a piece of rock climbing equipment that needs to be of quality. It should be made with the proper materials that is described in our section Helmets.

     Shoes that are especially designed for rock climbing are also extremely important. These types of shoes will protect against slipping and will offer the grip you need while scaling rock whether indoor or outdoor. Carabiners can start fairly low in price for about $5. They increase however to about $40. Crampons are slightly more specialized and range from $70 to about $200.

     The price of chalk depends on the size of the bag you are purchasing. The range can be anywhere from 2$ to $30. Though some climbers will opt for a simple bottle of water, others prefer to use hydration packs which are a definite need. These can range from $19 to $100. Accessories such as knives and multi tools will range from $12 to $80. A global positioning system (GPS) device which helps a climber find the correct GPS coordinates he or she is seeking can range from $15 to $150. Head lamps can be found for as little as $16.