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     Used rock climbing equipment can save a climber quite a bit of money. Though you should always consider quality, many climbers will sell excellent used gear at a reasonable discount.
They may only use their equipment for several excursions before wanting to upgrade.

     Ascenders and pulleys can be bought second hand as well as descenders and belay devices. Just be sure to check for any wear or malfunction. Harnesses can also be bought used and the same considerations apply. Quality is the most important while scaling a wall of rock or ice. You need to make sure that the used equipment you use is safe.

     Holds could be purchased used, especially is you get a great deal on quantity but they are fairly inexpensive to begin with so you could always simply purchase your holds new. Helmets can get costly but these are a significant piece of rock climbing equipment. Head protection can save your life so make sure that any helmet you purchase will offer proper protection and is also a perfect fit. You will find more information about Helmets in our helmet section.

     Rock climbing shoes could be bought used but chances are you will want to purchase new. Shoes should fit your own foot type rather than be already broken in by someone else. Carabiners can start fairly low in price for about $5. They increase however to about $40. Crampons could be purchased used but you will want to check for the sharpness of the hooks and ensure that there is quite a bit of wear left.

     Items such as chalk and hydration packs should be bought new. However, hydration packs can be found at a great discount if purchasing an expensive brand name with features. Knives and multi tools can also be purchased second hand, but again, you will want to check for the quality of the blades and tools. Accessories such as a new global positioning system (GPS) device can get fairly pricey but one that is used can be quite a bit cheaper.